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The dryer is one of your essential house gadgets, but unfortunately always neglected with no proper maintenance. This device can turn into a safety threat! That’s why AC Repair Tomball TX encourages dryer vent cleaning regularly.

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When Should I Clean My Dryer Vent?

how to prevent dryer fires

Out of excessive usage & time, the dryer vent gathers massive lint amounts that the lint trap can’t catch. The thing that leads your dryer to work hard for hours without drying your clothes. At times, you will find the clothes are still damp and hot extra cycles. However, in the worse cases, the flammable lint catch fires.

At AC Repair Tomball TX, we have dealt with thousands of burnt dryer vents in Tomball, TX, because of clogged dryer ducts. These fires happen as a result of lint buildup & blocking the airflow inside your vent. For that, the dryer manufacturers recommend cleaning your dryer once annually to enhance the efficiency & safety of your dyer.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Benefits

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There are numerous benefits the one can get out of cleaning his dryer vent at least once. The most significant one in between reduces the chances of having house fires. When the dryer is clogged, there is no chance for clothes lint to escape other places which increase the dryer heat and set fire to the house.

Getting AC Repair Tomball TX‘s help to clear your dryer debris means preventing dryer fire hazards. Another benefit of dryer vent cleaning is reducing your drying clothes times. Your dryer will not work harder than it should to dry up the same clothes amount and, as a result, won’t consume extra electricity. You will start to save energy!

In general, you will find your dryer working more efficiently once we clean it. Also, your clothes will dry up quickly with low lint amounts. No more excessive energy consumption, so no more fire hazards! Therefore, for your safety, saving money & unit efficiency in Tomball, Texas considers our dryer vent cleaning service at least once yearly.

Tomball AC Repair TX’s Cleaning Process

Once you give our dryer vent cleaning service, you will find one of our professional cleaners in front of you shortly. We come fully equipped with the essential tools to clean your dryer correctly. First, we detach the dryer from the interior connections, and with our advanced cleaning brush and vacuum, clean the dryer hose.

Also, if your dryer vent exit throughout the roof, we will inspect that too. Our techs remove all the lint buildups as well as all bird nests. By the end, we put everything back after well check inside and outside. Thus, to protect your family against catastrophe results, call us cheap cleaning, but with free estimates.

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